A robust AI solution for reviewing 
and verifying documents. Speed up 
your contract review process by 50%
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template that adapts to your company’s unique needs
5-10 seconds to process
a single document
50% faster than your manual process
Super smart NLP model —
8 billion text processing parameters
How Lawrify works
Automates document review
  • Analyzes the text
  • Identifies what needs to be checked
  • Gives advice like a legal department lead would
Helps avoid potential problems
  • Performs semantic search to find answers
  • Identifies semantic answers that are missing
  • Flags risky wording
Speeds up your whole process
  • Quickly finds all the information relevant to your query in documents of any size
  • Comes with sets of review questions for different types of documents
Integrates easily and doesn’t require any special skills
  • Can be updated with new legal knowledge, specific requirements, and your company’s case studies
  • Lets you create challenge templates all by yourself through an easy-to-use UI
  • Allows you to make as many templates and updates as you need
Ensures a secure review process – no leaks or threats
Reduces overtime hours
Integrates easily without disrupting your business process
Your data is safe with us.

Contract data is incredibly valuable. You own it. We never store it on our side or let other humans gain access to it.

Case studies
FMCG company speeds up review process and boosts legal team’s productivity
The company’s in-house lawyers struggle with a far from perfect document review process, spending hours of valuable time searching for best practices and clauses in law bases and other third-party sources. Reviewing a single document can take up to 5 days.
The company now maintains its own base of relevant, legally compliant clauses, put together by senior team members and company leaders. With a regularly updated base at their fingertips, the legal team was able to speed up the review process by 80% and make room for more interesting work.
Annual savings: 600 hours and $1.5 million
Return on investment – 500%
Car manufacturer saves $ 20 million per year and reduces average review time to a few minutes
The company’s legal team spends a whopping 80% of their working hours reviewing documents. They don’t use checklists or other contract management tools to structure the process, which results in lawyers working overtime, feeling frustrated with the monotony, and making errors that set the firm back.
The legal team integrated clause checklists into their workflow and was able to automate a large portion of the review process. Lawrify uses clause checklists to analyze contracts, highlighting paragraphs that don’t comply with the company’s policies. The lawyer only needs to decide whether the highlighted parts are problematic. As a result, each review now takes only a few minutes to complete. With Lawrify, the company upped the efficiency of its legal department by 50% 
and brought the number of costly mistakes to a minimum.
$20 million a year saved on lawyer errors and lost cases.
Return on investment – 380%
Save time and money with Lawrify
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